Indestructible Desire - Danielle Jamie The AMAZING Danielle Jamie asked me to Beta read for her.....AND BOY!!!! What a fucking read it was.

After the cliff hanger we were left with after reading Inescapable Desire, I devoured each and every chapter as soon as I could. I was NOT disappointed..

Kayden Knox is hotter than sin. Holy shit!!! Savannah was left physically and mentally broken after the kidnapping and Kayden was there every step of the way. We got to see what makes Kayden tick and what ticks him off. Great to see inside the man...and read all about what he can do with the outside lol

And just to boot, some skanky ho tries to fuck with Savannah. BIARCH!!!! She got hers though....GRR!

Everyone needs a bestie named Brooklyn...she's one tuff bitch and the best friend a girl could ever have. Good to have a real peek into what was going on with her and her 3-way romance....(I'm definitely team JAX)

No real cliff Hanger this time around, just a lot of loose ends that I am sure will jump out in book 4.