Arsen - Mia Asher 5 Devsatingly Mind F#@&ed Stars

It has taken me a couple of weeks and a few books to figure out what I want to say about this BRILLIANT book.

I know I'm probably siding with the enemy, but my heart completely fell apart for Cathy. A woman at the lowest time in her life, struggling with loss, not letting love help her heal.

ARSEN - You wild stallion. Provided the perfect distraction for Cathy...or so she thought...He broke her down and was there to help build her back up.

BEN - what can I say about Ben. This amazing man watched his wife self destruct infront of his eyes. He loved her...he truly loved her..even when she would come home with the scent of another man all over her.

This is one book that you MUST read. Everyone will come up with their own conclusions...what will yours be?