Keep Calm and Read

Linked (Luke, #3) - Cassia Leo HOLY SHIT...Things just got FUCKED UP!!!

What the hell is Milo trying to do...ASSHOLE!!!
Memory (Luke, #2) - Cassia Leo another awesome quick read...Throughly enjoying where this little series is taking me..

Mirror - Cassia Leo Loved that it was a quick short read. Brought me back up from all the heartbreaking reads that seem to be on my Kindle.

HOT HOT HOT...Luke sexy billionaire, also down to earth and did I mention he was HOT!!

Brina Kingston..Sexy corporate spy.

No fucking around and straight down to business..well actually there was a LOT of fucking around...

Onto Book 2
Who He Is (FireNine, #1) - Shanora Williams *****FIVE SEXY AS ALL HELL STARS*****

Gage Grendel - Rockstar...Ladies Man...HOT AS ALL HELL.....but what is hiding underneath all that?

Eliza "Ellie" Smith - loner, artist, honest...afraid of being hurt...lived through a hell of her own

The saying that opposites attract was truly put to the test in this book.

Not looking to fall in love, but with chemistry like Gage and Ellie's there no denying that its gonna be explosive.

I was heartbroken and feel so lost now...all i can picture is Gage on his knees, head hung in defeat, while Ellie drives away................OH GOD!!!
I Surrender - Monica  James *****5 HEARTBREAKINGLY HOT STARS FOR JASPER AND AVA*****

Talk about a goddamn roller coaster!!!!!!!and just like all roller coaster rides my heart was tossed and turned, flipped and switched. I cried, i yelled and at one point I threw my kindle down and refused to read. JESUS really like to play hard to get!!!!

Ava - Had her heartbroken a million miles from home. Returns home with no expectations of love or happiness.

Jasper - HOT..Just fucking HOT!!! That is all...hahahahahaha

Fantastic book, that has left me wanting more..

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back its yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be.....

And now this little girl waits to see if the bird finds her way home......
Indestructible Desire - Danielle Jamie The AMAZING Danielle Jamie asked me to Beta read for her.....AND BOY!!!! What a fucking read it was.

After the cliff hanger we were left with after reading Inescapable Desire, I devoured each and every chapter as soon as I could. I was NOT disappointed..

Kayden Knox is hotter than sin. Holy shit!!! Savannah was left physically and mentally broken after the kidnapping and Kayden was there every step of the way. We got to see what makes Kayden tick and what ticks him off. Great to see inside the man...and read all about what he can do with the outside lol

And just to boot, some skanky ho tries to fuck with Savannah. BIARCH!!!! She got hers though....GRR!

Everyone needs a bestie named Brooklyn...she's one tuff bitch and the best friend a girl could ever have. Good to have a real peek into what was going on with her and her 3-way romance....(I'm definitely team JAX)

No real cliff Hanger this time around, just a lot of loose ends that I am sure will jump out in book 4.

Jet (Marked Men, #2) - Jay Crownover 5 JET Fuelled stars

I loved Rule and Jet was right up there for me also.

Fantastic fucking rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Now I wait to find out ROME's story....BRING IT ON!!!!
Him - Carey Heywood What can I say about HIM???

WELL....This is story that had me right from the get go..

Sarah and Will were destined for love...Sarah just has to talk to him..

There were times when I wanted to just lock the two of them in a room and not let them out until Sarah told Will why the hell she left.

Will is patient, understanding and so TOTALLY in love with her that he waited 7 years..

I cannot wait for book two..
Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan HOLY FUCKING EX MARINE HOTNESS

Right from the beginning this god dam story drew me in..

Poor broken Izzy..I really thought that she was gonna get with Greg at one point. So glad she didn't...

True love is what it is..

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen This had to be one of my MOST long awaited for releases...and I'm so glad...SO GLAD it was released before i lost my mind..

You have to think sometimes about putting yourself in their shoes and wondering what you would do. And as much as I wanted smack some heads and tell them to snap out of it, the journey they went on only went on to make them stronger.

Devastation, heartbreak, realisation then Love...Pure absolute love.....

Left Drowning - Jessica Park The tears just fell...Thats how much this story got to me...Not just the tears, but that snotty, hiccuping, breathless kinda fucked up crying...You know?

I need a bit of time to compose myself before I can write my review....
Saved By You (Maggie & Haden, #2) - Kelly Harper ARC GIVEN BY AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW

And honestly....I FREAKIN LOVED IT....I have had Maggie and Haden on my mind ever since I read Ruined by You.

Heartbreaking and emotionally draining but I got there in the end...and so did they.

A sweet yet complex love story that was all about the journey of realisation. Maggie knew she loved Haden she just had to believe in it...believe in Haden..and mostly believe in herself.

Never Can Tell - C.M. Stunich You gotta love a guy like Ty McCabe. Has his heart on hhis sleeve and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders...
And he's fucking HOT AS SIN!!! seems like these two are gonna get their heads on straight..
Chasing Paradise (Chasing, #3) - Pamela Ann OMG...A long journey but FINALLY..People got their shit together... Although it was pretty much happy endings all around you still have to wander what else is lurking out there that is going to throw a spanner in the works..

Chasing Imperfection (Chasing, #2) - Pamela Ann WOW...Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse....I just wanted to yell at them to sort their shit out..

I have to read book three to find out what the fuck is going on!!!
Chasing Beautiful (Chasing, #1) - Pamela Ann I think I'm gonna be arrested for Kindle abuse soon...

I have to say I was team BLAKE all the way...

I don't know how many times i threw my kindle across the room out of sheer frustration, anger or imagining that I was banging everyones heads together lol.

I loved this story...I was sntranced from the begninning, although some of it made me wanna just hurl, over all I REALLY ENJOYED IT...