Redemption (Darkness Falls, #2) - Ivory Quinn 5 Devastatingly Beautiful Stars are not enuff

After I read Obsession, I was completely mind fucked. I didn't know what to expect when it came to Redemption. I was so affected by the the death of Gabriel and the wake that was left from it.

I had to syke myself up to even start this....and I am so so glad that I did.

Poor tormented Noelle. I wouldn't even want to put myself in her shoes, but the way that Ivory wrote, made it hard not too. I felt her pain, I felt her torment, I felt her love and in the end.....I guess i felt her redemption.

Jax loved her so much he allowed her to enter Gabriels world of kink and circumstance, to help quash the demons that were living inside her. It broke my heart.

Under the ever watchful of of Master Blue (SWOON, Noelle slowly started evolve. It was beautiful to journey through her change, and kind of made me jealous in a way that I can't explain. He pushed her to her absolute limits, but was there when she fell. Pure Carnal animalistic love emanated from him as he watched her become stronger.

I sat in awe for a while when I finished reading this book. Just absorbing and going through everything. I think this book and its predecessor will ALWAYS stay with me.

I really hope that we see Noelle in her new life....oh and more of Master Blue...PLEASE.......

And my demons rolled beneath my skin
Existing in a soundless scream
And it's the loudest silence....
The Loudest Silence....
And it's the loudest echoing silence
That huts the most...